Saturday, March 17, 2007

Its over.

Update 3: Well, now it really is over. Ireland have done well to win a match they so richly deserved to win. The young Pakistani bowlers gave it all they had, literally, and yet were unable to dig out of the massive hole that our "world-class" batsmen had dug for them. Inzamam, Yousuf and Younis are the three to blame, no one else, for this humiliating loss.

I'm sure cries of match fixing will fill the papers and blogs by tomorrow. I think that's giving this group too easy an out. They deserve all the flack they get for such a spineless batting performance. Sami and Rao showed more back bone than the so called upper order. What a pile of dog-crap.

Update 2: Why does Pakistan have to do this!!! 2 wickets, with Ireland only needing 15 runs, but now they only have 3 wickets left!!! Are they giving us hope, just to pull it away again!!

Update: Game back on! Is there hope yet?

Yes folks, its all over. Rain has started to come down in Kingston, and it appears for all intents and purposes Pakistan has lost the match. Ireland are ahead on D/L, and with the weather being what it is, it is very doubtful that both sides will take the field again. Pakistan's bowlers were game, but they were let down by just an abysmal display of batting. A part-time county cricketer, Niall O'Brien showed the Pakistani behemoths, Younis, Yousuf and Inzamam how to perform on a seaming wicket in bad conditions.

Who would have thought that it would be the batting which would be the biggest hang-up Pakistan would have in this tournament? This result pretty much makes the match against Zimbabwe a formality, as Ireland are a lead-pipe cinch to get through to the next round now, ahead of Pakistan. Pakistan will be on the plane back probably the day after the Zimbabwe match, and truly when they get home, there will be hell to pay. We will all need time to think about the potential outcomes, but all in all, this was just awful. I am beyond dejected.

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Squarecut said...

yeah... it is sad. They should have at least made it to the super eight. It is really sad. Even though I am for Bangladesh this year, Pakistan is my all time favorite, and I just couldnt believe it. However, the Irish played well, but overall the match was not good cricket. It was one-sided for the most part. Pakistant really never played well throughout those 6-8 hours of the match.