Thursday, March 15, 2007

No Radio for the World Cup

I find this astonishing! There is to be no radio commentary for this World Cup. For those who don't appreciate the significance of this, probably didn't grow up with cricket radio commentary in mid and late 80s in Pakistan. Every series and match Pakistan played in, regardless of whether it was in the West Indies or Zimbabwe or England, would always be broadcast live on National Radio in Pakistan. Every one who grew up then, remembers buying a transistor radio, which you would sneak around with in your bag, and try to listen to in class, and in between period, hoping that Mrs. Henderson wouldn't find you with the transistor glued to your ear. I can still remember the time you would spend with your eyes closed, imagining and visualizing the swinging yorker from Wasim Akram or the brutal assault on the ball that only Javed Miandad was capable of, or when you would be hidden under the covers in bed with the transistor under your pillow, hoping against hope that the openers would atleast get to 50. Well, some things never change.

This is a travesty regardless how one looks at it. How is the country able to share in the joy of the World Cup, when Radio Pakistan refuses to broadcast these games! If the PCB had any shame, then they would fire PJ Mir, and spend his salary on making sure that the games were broadcast to the entire country on radio, live!

Another resounding success for the powers that be in Pakistan. Yes, that is supposed to be dripping with sarcasm.

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Phil said...

Damn... i mean DAMN! Thats like having the Ashes with out the English!

Squarecut said...

but, why though? I am so surprized and somewhat shocked to learn that?